A Historical Perspective

For the benefit of our new members, and a refresher for our more established members, it might be of interest to provide some history or Apple Valley Garden Club. 
Our organization joined the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. on October 3rd, 1983 with nine founding members.  Our founding members were:
Ann Lynn Dailey - President
Kristen Zuckerman - Vice President
Janet Cather - Secretary
Martha Ridings - Treasurer
Freda Madigan
Susan Pennington
Louise Speakman - Sponsor
Martressa Zuckerman - Sponsor
Sandy Zuckerman
Our Club Presidents and the terms they served are:
1983-1984    Ann Lynn Dailey
1984-1985    Kristen Zuckerman
1985-1987    Janet Cather (Bickers)
1987-1989    Pam Friestad
1989-1991    Helen Spurr
1991-1993    K. Zuckerman/P. Neale/C. Strother
1993-1995    Carol Strother
1995-1997    Elizabeth White
1997-1999    Pamela Lamborne
1999-2001    Janis Smith
2001-2003    Carol Strother
2003-2007    Marilyn Steere
2007-2008    Dale Watten
2008-2009    Marily Steere
We can be proud of our history and all that we have accomplished.  Our club has presented at three Standard Flower Sh0ws over the years:  "Springtime at Kenilworth" on May 15, 1998; "Just Ducky" on August 7, 1993; and "The Birds & The Bees" May 16-17, 1998.  We have received much major recognition at the Winchester Council of Garden Clubs' Flower Shows, including the 1990 interclub Silver Bowl Arrangement "Christmas Bells" by Kristen Zuckerman and the 1996 Tricolor "Nature's Gifts" by Elizabeth White.  Our newsletter won the Shenandoah District Blue Ribbon in 1994 for Best Club Publication and received an Honorable Mention at the state level.  We have also been fortunate to receive the 1992-93 Green Virginia 2000 Grant for work at Clearbrook Park and the 1997/98 P.E.T.A.L.S. $500 Grant for the Christel Ellis Memorial Butterfly Garden at the Winchester/Frederick County Health Department.  We recently received "the Award of Excellence from VFGC for 2008" - $1000 Award, a $500 Grant from Susquehanna Technologies in 2008 and a $250 per quarter grant from Susquehanna Technologies in 2009.