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Evans Family Home: At The Beginning

This project is really a doozie! This first image is the origional flower garden, completely overgrown with weeds.   We are making this area a temporary vegetable garden for the summer of 2008 while we clear a larger area (shown in the second image) for a more permanent location. 


Once the vegetable garden has been moved to its permanent location, the smaller garden will be planted with flowers and shrubs. The larger area is currently overgrown with shrubs, trees and poison ivy, all of which has to go!  
The next set of images below shows the home's patio area. This part of the grounds will be cleaned up and transformed into a combination flower and herb garden.  
This area next to the patio door gives you a good idea of what all the dirt looks like. The grass barely grows and it is full of sun-baked weeds and gravel. This particular patch is going to be weeded, amended and dedicated as an area to grow mint. The residents at the Evans Home enjoy iced tea and lemonade, and mint is a wonderful addition to both of those summertime drinks.  
In the remaining beds that run the length of the house going out from the patio, the situation is the same. There are lots of weeds and the sun-baked clay is full of gravel. We plan to dig up these areas, add composting materials and mulch, and plant a plethora of strawberries. The kids usually go out and pick strawberries at one of the local farms each year, and before long they will be able to pick them in their own yard too.