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Evans Family Home: Clearing the Brush

Remember this? This is what we are up against, and it is a tough spot to take on. The goal is to clear this area along the fence this summer (2008) and transform it into a big vegetable garden for the residents at the Evans Home. We want to build some raised beds and leave an open area for sprawling plants like melons and potatoes.
Hats off to Michael Steere who is the son of Marilyn and Bud, two of the members of the Apple Valley Garden Club. Michael is a professional landscaper (Cheyenne Excavating and Landscaping) and he lent us his time, effort and equipment to get this plot cleared. We started by brushhogging all of the shrubs, trees and vines so that he can bring in his front end loader to dig out the numerous stumps. You can see in the image below, Michael and his brush eating machine have a tough job ahead of them.
But at the end of the day Michael, Marilyn, Bud, Ann and Patrick managed to clear it all away. The next step is to come back with an even bigger piece of equipment to get those roots out once and for all.