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Evans Family Home: Flip that Playhouse

There is a clubhouse for the boys and playhouse for the girls at the Evans Home. The playhouse has definitely seen better days! The images below show the playhouse as we found it. Could use a little paint and maybe some landscaping!
Last summer, the gentlemen at the home scrapped and painted the exerior of the house and painted it all pink and purple! You can see it a mile away. It really looks like a little girl's playhouse now! Ann Wallinger, one of our club members, decked out the interior with lavish pink and purple furniture including handmade curtains. She and other members of the club also helped the girls plant dafodills, tulips, johnson's blue geraniums and purple salvia at the front door. And this spring we filled the windowboxes with petunias, pansies and Johnny Jump Ups. The girls at the home take care of their playhouse and its gardens with great pride.