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Evans Family Home: Planting 2009

May is a very busy month for our garden club. We had a tent at the Blandy Arboretum's Mother's Day Plant Sale where we sold seedlings, bird feeders, gardening books and tools..etc to raise money for the activities this year. It is also a very important event for our Evans Home project as we have started a tradition of visiting all of the vendors to see if anyone would like to donate plants to the Evans Home garden. We had great success this year with a huge thanks to Spikers (Sam Mason Road, Bunker Hill WV), Echo Ridge (Middletown, VA) and others.
Club member Ann Wallinger filled her truck to the brim. There were even more plants in the front seat! We had a great day for planting the vegetable garden and all of the children came out to participate. We planted melons and pumpkins in the area of the garden where plants can sprawl at their own pace. Black plastic is used under the watermelons to warm them up even faster since they require such a long time to maturity.
We got our 'straight eight' cucumbers in the ground along with some squash and 'eight ball' zucchini. As you can see, the garlic and onions planted in the fall are thriving! 
The lettuce and spinach planted in March is also going strong and the children have been able to make a bunch of homegrown salads for dinner, featuring their own lettuce and radishes. The tomatoes were all started from seed by the Apple Valley Garden Club members. Sadly the seeds that the children started didn't make it. An 88 degree day in early May wiped them out in one blow but it was a good lesson learned and we'll try again next year.
The flower garden looks a LOT different that it did this time last year! It is a challenge keeping up with the weeds in any new garden but we are doing our best. These plants don't look like much now but just wait until July and August get here. We have the garden loaded with perinnials and herbs of every kind. Just to name a few perinnials: coneflowers, butterfly bush, viburnum, beauty berry, wormwood, monarda, shasta daisies, knockout rose, seedum, geraniums...and more!
And don't forget about the strawberries! Again the weeds are putting us to the test but the lot is filled with well over a hundred strawberry plants and they look very happy and healthy. The first of the berries are just starting to come in. In a year or two you won't see the weeds or the much, just strawberries which are attractive at least three seasons out of the year with their spring flowers, summer berries, and autumn foliage.