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Evans Garden Sponsors

A big thanks to all the organizations that have helped us make the Evans Family Garden a reality! We couldn't do it without your help.

Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs ( ) awarded us a $1,000 grant to use for our gardening project and we've made it go a long way. We get donations and discounts where we can, and provide a lot of the flowers, herbs and vegetables either from seed or from our members gardens but when that isn't enough we have this to fall back on.

Local Nurseries at the Blandy Garden Fair (  contribute a LOT of herbs and vegetables for our garden every year. With our limited budget, we depend on their generosity and support. If you haven't been to the Blandy Garden Fair that takes place every May, make sure you don't miss it next year. It offers a great opportunity to find healthy, unusual, local, native plants and support your local businesses in the process.

  • A very special thanks to our largest sponsors:
    • Spikers Greenhouse (Sam Mason Road, Bunker Hill WV)
    • Echo Ridge Farm (Chapel Road, Middletown, VA)
These guys are the best. They donated ALL of our materials for the raised beds in the vegetable garden. And I don't mean just extra lumber that was hanging around, they had to special order non-treated 4x4s and cedar planks so that no harmful chemicals would find their way into the kids vegetables. Big thanks to 84! If you are planning raised beds for your garden, this is the place to start.

SusQtech ( ) donated a generous amount of money in return for the club sprucing up the company's small back yard and the continue to do so on a quarterly basis. See the Kurtz Garden for more information on this initiative. We've also received several donations from the employees at SusQtech.

The Gardeners Supply Company ( helps us out with a 25% discount on all items purchased for the Evans garden. They have a great process in place to help those who are helping others. They also feature lots of fun things for the garden like rainbow spiral plant supports and red tomato ladders that make the garden a fun and colorful place for the kids.

Lee Valley Garden Tools ( donated two compost bin kits that will be used to return leftovers, leaves and weeds to the Earth, and recyle them into compost for a new garden ever year. They also make the best garden cart known to man!

Meadows Farms ( gave us a gift card for $20 to help us out with bulk compost and mulch.