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Summer 2009

Sorry we haven't been very good about updating the website this season, but that's because we've been so busy in the garden and in the kitchen with all the produce! We were not the best at having a camera with us either, seems dirty hands and cameras just don't mix that well but we managed to get a few. We'll try to be better next season.
The vegetable garden flourished this year, producing a ton of garlic that we planted last year as well as crops from this season including giant tomatoes, loads of cucumbers and squash and sweet peppers, a few hot peppers, and buckets of potatoes. Sadly the cabbage and broccoli never really had a chance as our very fat groundhogs ate them before we could. We used live traps to relocate six groundhogs at the end of the season however so we are hopeful that next year will be a little easier on that front. All in all it was a great success with many delicious dishes resulting in the kitchen, including a round of fried green tomatoes as the season came to an end.
One of our biggest successes this season has been the strawberry patch. The plants have more than taken to their new home and are filling in fast. There will be plenty of berries to enjoy come spring. If you don't remember what this little sidewalk garden used to look like, rewind to the beginning. It is unbelieveable!
Equally impressive, the flower garden by the house is doing quite well. All of those tiny little plants that we stuck in this spring grew all summer and are now almost zero maintenance. We cooked several meals with the herbs from the garden and several of the children at the home now know them all by taste and smell. They often bring in cut flowers from the garden to decorate the dinner table which really puts a smile on our faces here at the Apple Valley Garden Club.
Thanks to some volunteers and a lot of help from the house residents we even managed to dig up the edging that was almost buried under the garden from years of overgrowth. It is back where it belongs and looking good. More importantly it keeps the grass where it belongs!