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Kurtz Garden

The Kurtz building was built in 1836 and it is located at the corner of Boscawen Street and Cameron Street in downtown historic Winchester. The building shares a courtyard with the city courthouse and over the last several years that area was neglected and became not much more than piles of dirt, leaves and cigarett butts. Check out this page to see for yourself. Our garden club is working to beautify this space and in return the inhabitants of the building (Susquehanna Technologies) have made a generous donation to our club that is being used for work at the Evans Family Garden. 
The Kurtz Garden is composed of four main sections:
The Lily Garden resides beneath the largest of the Magnolia trees and shades the walkway to the back door. Even on the hotest of days this is a cool area and in the spring you can't escape the smell of Lily of the Valley.
The Ivy Garden will blend with neighboring gardens once the Ivy is established and the Star of Magnolia matures. Sparkleberry earn their name in the winter and Nandina shield the parking lot the rest of the year.
The Hydrangea Garden boasts three different varieties of Hydrangea that appear in early spring, bloom all summer, transform into fall color, and hold some form for winter interest.
The Bloom Garden is a point of curiosity with diffent plants emerging from February to November, and a few evergreens holding the fort in the winter. Its main attraction is long lasting perennials like Agastache and Cheddar Pinks. Echinacea bloom all summer and feed the finches in the fall.