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The Bloom garden gets the most sun of all the gardens in the Kurtz' backyard. The purpose of this garden is to provide color from early spring until late fall, with different focus areas rotating from one month to the next. We've concentrated on long blooming perennials and a variety of contrasting foliage. When we started, there were two well-established plants: a cherry tree and a magnolia. There were also some holly bushes that didn't look very healthy and all of the surrounding area was full of sun baked dirt and grass.
We replaced the holly bushes with a neon Spirea and a Witchhazel that will radiate color in the Fall. We filled in empty spaces that Fall with flowering cabbages.
We also planted a Rose of Sharon that will bloom for most of the summer. It was quite happy there from day one.
In the fall Sedum and Chrysanthemums bloom against silver Lavender leaves.

In early spring of 2010, the cherry tree is showing its appreciation for the trim up and some Daffodils and Hyacinth make their debut appearance.

By mid spring the Sun Hosta are leafing out, the Citronella Heuchera is glowing and the Euphorbia is exquisite. Lavender and Lamb's Ear lines the walk and there are early signs of Echinacea and Shasta Daisies everywhere. Purple Iris pop up where the Daffodils have faded. Cheddar Pinks bloom early and strong, and should continue that trend into the summer and maybe even early fall with a little deadheading.