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This garden stays a bit cooler than the others and is shaded for at least half of the day. The grass here is better than in other areas, but it still isn't great and furthermore, no one wants to mow that tiny patch of grass on a regular basis.
This picture is of the garden in summer of 2008. As you can see the back border of this section is lined with Holly bushes that are mostly dead and very prickly. They won't be easy to get rid of and neither will the grass.
In 2008 we managed to replace the Holly with two Oak Leaf Hydrangea and a Rhododendron. The soil here is very rocky and contains a lot of clay so we suspect it may take some work to get these plants established.
Flowering trees in this garden and the Ivy garden remind us that spring is upon us. We also added some lenten rose that show up as early as March in this area.
In spring of 2010 we finally removed the grass, the old fashioned way. The remaining soil was amended with compost and we planted an array of cool green shade plants that will eventually fill in the area and make for a nice cool breezeway between the shadier two gardens. This is the place to be on a hot summer day. The garden is edged with a small Hosta variety and some blue Sedum, followed by rings of larger lime green Hosta, pink and white flowering Astilbe, giant blue Hosta and Ajuga covering the ground in between. There is also a Limelight Hydrangea in the center of the garden. The combination of Endless Summer, Limelight and Oakleaf Hydrangea should be spectacular in summer and fall and leave some winter accents after that.